The WAY Company Profile

Sumidagawa Shipyard Co., Ltd. has been conducting business for more than a century.
The road we have traveled until now has not been an easy one, traversing peaks and valleys.
Drawing on our experience and expertise we are ready to take on the challenge of bringing ever greater innovation to the shipbuilding industry as we gear up for the next century.

Management Philosophy

Throughout our long history, we have built many small high-speed boats, both for the domestic and international market. Given the trust established with our customer base, coupled with our commitment to continuous improvement, it should come as no surprise that many of the ships we have built to date are still in use on the ocean highways.

An important element of our management philosophy is to insure our shipbuilding activities contribute to the overall advance of the shipbuilding industry. We will continue to pursue shipbuilding with an eye towards the future by pursuing new technologies, developing environmentally friendly ships and nurturing human resources from which industry leaders will emerge.

Management Policy

In order to realize our management philosophy of "contributing to the advance of the shipbuilding industry through our shipbuilding activities," we expect our employees to incorporate a broad range of knowledge and experience into their daily work. For example, let us take a look at our shipbuilding system. We build ships utilizing a comprehensive and cross-sectional system that is rare in the shipbuilding industry. In general, design, construction and inspection are specialized or outsourced, but our strength is that we perform all of these processes in house, a one-stop shopping experience not usually found in the industry. Active cross training across all departments, designed to encourage in-depth understanding and mastery of areas outside of the employee's department, makes it possible for us to build a better ship. We believe this approach is a unique competitive advantage of our company.

We also deploy considerable effort to develop human resources who will be able to support the shipbuilding industry in the future. For example, to make it possible for each and every employee to expand their knowledge and experience beyond what can be learned on the job or in the field, we have employees take the initiative in managing events such as ship launching ceremonies and in planning in-house workshops.

The Sumidagawa
Shipyard Brand

The strength of Sumidagawa Shipyard is that we have been working on many small high-speed boats, especially in the special field of public vessels. Sumidagawa Shipyard is also committed to the development of human resources, providing client- oriented services, not only in the building of boats, but also extending to their maintenance, refurbishment and ultimately, their scrapping. By leveraging our inherent strengths and proven track record of building specialized craft over the years, we have earned an excellent reputation among our many clients for responsiveness, speedy delivery and cost control.

Our goal is to be the company destined to build the next generation of high-speed boats. The expanding popularity of power sources such as hydrogen fueled engines and electric propulsion are increasing the possibilities for high-speed vessels. Based on the history, technology and trust of Sumidagawa Shipbuilding, we intend to strengthen our brand.